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Welcome to Badminton!

Are you a novice looking to start a new sport, or an experienced player wanting to continue the game at a leisurely pace? Badminton lets members enjoy the pure sport of badminton without pressure or competition. Through our sport, we aim to cultivate a culture of fitness, sportsmanship, as well as provide a fun and social environment for all members.

The pandemic in 2020 created limitations and obstacles for training but we managed to overcome them. During the Circuit Breaker, we maintained a weekly schedule of online exercise sessions for members to improve their fitness level. After the Circuit Breaker, we organised groups that were assigned to specific courts to adhere to the safe-distancing measures, and allow for safe play.


Basketball is more than a group of boys wanting to learn the sport; it is a close knit community that have been brought together and bonded by their love for basketball. We better ourselves by pushing each other at training, and more importantly, encouraging each other to exceed our limits each time. Every Tuesday and Thursday, is a time in which we come together to play our game. Despite the limitations of COVID-19, we managed to adapt with the five-a-side rule and focus less on a full court game but rather concentrated on honing individual skills.

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In Dance, members are taught technical skills by dance instructor, Riana, all of which would be applied in a full choreography. Members will also have the opportunity to be creative and choreograph various moves and dances. Putting oneself in front of an audience can be intimidating for some. Hence, Dance provides a safe environment for all to fully express themselves, challenging individuals to step out of their comfort zone. You will likely find yourself emerging as a more confident and creative dancer, ready to to explore various types of choreography.

Due to the pandemic, unfortunately, we were unable to practise our steps together in the dance studio. However, we stayed committed to dance by attending zoom sessions conducted by our dance instructor. In order to boost team spirit and our fitness level, we initiated workout sessions.


Dragon Boat aims to introduce students to the sport as an excellent hobby that builds physical fitness, fosters strong teamwork and social networks. Students are exposed to various physical training regimes and techniques of rowing so as to compete in exciting competitions such as the annual DBS Marina Regatta.

Water training is held at Kallang River and offers individuals the unique opportunity to paddle while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Due to COVID-19, we were not able to conduct water training which was rather disappointing for everyone. However, we adapted and continued physical training to maintain and improve our fitness level as we prepare for competitions if they were to occur in 2021.

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Football (Boys)

“The most important thing for us in building a team and a group of players who take care of each other. The main thing is being together,” said current Portuguese and Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes. This same principle applies to the Football (Boys).

We welcome all people, regardless of skill level. Football is a supportive sporting community where anyone can pursue their love and passion for the sport. Yearly, we would send a team to participate in the A Division Football Championships. Unfortunately, our 2020 season was cancelled due to COVID-19. Training during this time has been difficult due to the many restrictions imposed but we are still training hard to prepare ourselves for the upcoming 2021 A Division Football Championships, with the aim of competing for the title. Come join us for an experience you will never forget!

Football (Girls)

Football (Girls) formerly Woccer was established in 2015 and has competed in the National School Games 'A' Div Competition since 2017. Our programme focuses on developing technical skills, gameplay strategy and sportsmanship for our players who are mostly new to football and team sports.

Despite Covid -19 in 2020 that prevented us from having training on the field for about three months, we were not deterred. Training sessions continued online where we did drills to help improve our basic skills. In 2021 we hope to put in all the effort we can for A-division and we are very excited to work with the upcoming batch this year!

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Even though hockey might not be the most popular sport in Singapore, it is a fun and engaging sport that many boys in SJI enjoy. It is much like football, where it is a eleven-a-side game that focuses on teamwork and each player's individual abilities. Hockey places emphasis on both skills and teamwork, creating close knit teams year after year. Despite the COVID-19 virus, trainings were still carried out in groups of five outdoors, and sometimes even online on platforms such as zoom. If you would like to try something new, join hockey.


Kin-Ball is an activity that introduces students to a relatively new sport in Singapore, as the Kin-Ball Association of Singapore was only founded in 2014. The distinctive feature of Kin-Ball is its large ball that measures 1.2m in diameter. Through Kin-Ball, students are able to cultivate teamwork, group-think, and strategic execution.

As a sport that heavily relies on teamwork, the pandemic situation affected regular Kin-Ball games. However, the obstacles posed by Covid-19 allowed us to provide more focus on individual skills that each player can use to contribute in a game. We concentrated on drill-based practices and techniques that ensured players could continue to hone their skills in the game post pandemic.

Once the pandemic ceases to be a serious threat, members should have the opportunity to compete in tournaments organised by the Singapore Kin-Ball Association.

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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is a sport that encompasses and emphasises teamwork and coordination. The seeming simplicity of throwing a frisbee belies the need for physical endurance, mental ability and sheer tenacity. Throughout 2020 due to the Phase 2 pandemic parameters, many opportunities to train together as a team were forfeited. Nonetheless, we made the best of the few training sessions that we had when restrictions were eased to hone our skills.