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In Astronomy, we focus on expanding our knowledge about the vast cosmos. We do so by coming together and collaborating with one another, discussing concepts and findings. We create a safe space in our CAS, free of judgement, for our members to be comfortable enough to share about any astronomy-related topic. Typical sessions include presentations prepared by the exco and fun quizzes with cool prizes to be won. On special occasions, we would invite external speakers to address us, exposing us to more knowledge about the physical universe and celestial objects. We also hold stargazing sessions at Singapore Botanic Gardens in the evening during which we apply skills that we have learnt.

During the Circuit Breaker period, we had online sessions to inculcate a love for Astronomy among our members. These sessions saw us teaching members the basics of astronomy, such as the various types of celestial bodies, the history of astronomy as well as various astrophysics concepts. We even had an online games session for club bonding, where we played and

Once larger group activities for CAS were allowed, we immediately planned for and carried out a total of three stargazing sessions in December 2020. We saw incredibly clear skies, with a full moon during the first session and a new moon during the second, which meant that many more stars, especially the dimmer ones, could be observed.

Chamber Ensemble

Chamber Ensemble provides students with a platform to appreciate and bond over music. Students who play or are interested in learning different instruments such as the piano, violin, viola, cello or the bass play compositions as an ensemble in preparation for upcoming performances. Members are able to wholeheartedly enjoy creating music while working together with their peers in bringing a musical arrangement to live. During the COVID-19 period, practices were conducted online through zoom meetings each week, allowing members to continue practicing their instruments and improving their technique and skills.

Coding and Technology

Coding and Technology welcomes any student who has (or is trying to discover) a passion for programming languages and creative software programs ranging from Arduino to Fusion 360, and even to Python. It provides students with opportunities to play, experiment and be exposed to software programs that are used widely in the industry. Sessions held are also a time for students to exchange ideas and share their very own projects with one another.

However, last year, our CAS had to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, which meant that much of the routine syllabus had to be rewritten. During the period of Home-Based Learning, our sessions and lessons had to be conducted online via Google Meet. Since all members are equipped with computers, there was no obstacle standing between us and learning. Even as restrictions were relaxed after the resumption of school, we could not conduct lessons at full capacity as limits were placed on the number of students allowed per session. Nevertheless, sessions continued in the spirit of learning until the end of the school year.

Despite the changes to the circumstances, the Coding and Technology has tried its utmost best to deliver to its members - to enable students to learn, share and create.


Do you have a great idea but do not know how to articulate it? Do you have an awesome solution but do not know how to convince everyone to join you? Debate provides a holistic environment with intellectually stimulating drills where you can grow in your general knowledge and logical reasoning. The sessions are also individualised to cater specifically to each debater to help him/her develop his/her potential. We also joined multiple competition and had friendly sparring sessions with other schools for greater exposure and social networking.

Literary Society

At the Literary Society formerly known as the Drama Club, we strive to organise astonishing theatrical performances that address key societal issues through our annual drama night while also undertaking other projects as well such as film, musical, etc. based on the interests of our members. In the past, our members had participated in events such as The World Theatre Festival 2019.

The Literary Society is focused on creative literary expression. This involves two strands: Creative writing as well as theatrical performances.

One group within the society meets weekly to attend writing workshops and to appreciate each other’s creations. In 2020, this culminated in a poetry recital.

Concurrently, our theatre enthusiasts write, rehearse and perform their own plays.

Due to the global pandemic, members have focused their efforts into a film project set to launch early 2021 so do be sure to check it out!


The Ecology CAS advocates for a more sustainable and responsible way of living. This is done through various activities that can stretch across the creativity, activity and service strands, giving our members the flexibility to gain awareness about the climate situation, cultivate a love for our environment and initiate impactful projects from a personal to community level. In 2020, we took our activities online and released videos centered on our interactions with the environment. We were also formally recognised as an Eco-School under World Wide Fund and arranged online training sessions with them, as part of a climate action project. These are still ongoing and play a big role in working towards a more sustainable school.

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Film CAS is all about a videography-loving community. From storyboarding to editing, members will journey together in learning the process of creating beautiful videos from scratch.

During the pandemic, Film had no shortage of video practice. Despite the physical restrictions of online sessions, we were able to collaborate on videos for both the school and our members’ passion projects. Film CAS will provide many opportunities for members to develop their talents together, making it the perfect ticket to the wonderful world of videography. Whether you are a seasoned cinephile or new enthusiast, we invite you to join our community.

Math Club

SJI Math Club enables Josephians to see mathematics in a different light. Members can listen to stories about how the discovery of root 2 resulted in the first crisis in mathematics, study the history of Cold War by applying the model of Nash Equilibrium, or explore cool magic tricks that can be explained by simple mathematical theories. We never define math by its rigour: we want to show our members that it can be fun. This ongoing mission was never disrupted by the pandemic, as we were able to conduct sessions through zoom meetings, and incorporate interesting topics like ‘math magics’ to keep our members engaged. We also provide peer tutoring.

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Photography provides opportunities for people to work together and take beautiful pictures for the school to treasure for years to come, while honing their photography skills. Our sessions include professional photographers addressing our members to expose them to more genres of photography, and to gain further insights into photography together.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to adapt to change and made us more flexible in planning our sessions. Due to the initial restrictions for group gatherings, photography was conducted via zoom sessions for a while. In order to make sessions more engaging, we held inter-CAS competitions with bubble tea prizes as incentives.


Informally known as RAC, Rock-A-Cause is an ad hoc CAS that focuses on learning and appreciating music. Members come together to form bands and perform, challenging their independence and initiative. Above all, Rock-A-Cause encourages students by providing an outlet for fun and creativity. In light of the pandemic, RAC has transitioned from on-site performances, such as lunchtime jams, to focusing on recorded performances that can be screened or uploaded online.

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Science Club

Have you stopped to look at the fascinating insects that are almost everywhere around you? Or asked yourself: which chemical reactions make the world tick? How do they work?

There’s a place here waiting for you! Science Club is about asking questions about the ordinary and discussing insights with other curious and promising Josephians. Our projects are self-run and initiated within the club - you take the scientific journey on a flight of exploration.

Post-lockdown 2021 is a promising year ahead for us with many enriching experiences ahead. Join us as we explore science in the spirit of enjoyment and exploration!

Society of International and Current Affairs (SICA)

SICA focuses on discussing international issues and broadening members' global perspectives. We undergo training and participate in Model United Nations (MUN) which are conferences where students act as a delegate for a country and gather in a council to discuss solutions for a global issue.

Despite the pandemic, SICA held the annual SJIMUN virtually for Year 5 students as part of the Global Education Programme. Students who participated were assigned to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or the General Assembly where they would act as delegates of different countries coming together to discuss solutions for a global issue.

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Ukulele is a CAS that helps hone members hone their musical skills, whether they are a beginner or a professional. Through Ukulele, we learn many different skills that help nurture us as a Josephian. Although 2020 had led us to move learning online, it did not stop us from continuing with our ukulele sessions. We used zoom as our main platform to resume practice with each member learning new chords and songs. Despite the challenges, we still enjoyed learning the ukulele together. We hope to see you in Ukulele 2021!


We as the St. Joseph's Pelandok Venture Scout Unit are firmly rooted in our profound scouting heritage. The unit is one of the few school-based Venture Units in Singapore to welcome all members regardless of scouting or guiding experience. Common activities that we do as Ventures often include hiking, camping and open-fire cooking (backwoodsman). If you are a person who enjoys outdoor activities, you might be interested to venture into something new! We are given much autonomy in deciding on the activities that we want to pursue. During the pandemic, we adapted by shifting online to explore different kinds of remote activities like 3D modelling and making bracelets and mask holders for teachers and staff, all in the spirit of our Scout motto "Be Prepared". Come join the Men and Women in Maroon and have the adVenture of your life!

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Ventures Open House Promo
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Visual Arts Club

Visual Arts Club provides members the freedom to choose the art medium they would like to learn be it pottery, mixed media or digital art. Most of our members have not tried any forms of art before and this is completely fine! Many learn and pick up new skills along the way. For example, in 2020, due to Home-Based Learning, we had to adapt and shift our CAS online. One of the CAS members volunteered to teach the rest how to use Photoshop and we used this to make cards to motivate the Year 4s and Year 6s who were taking national exams.


Vocapella is SJI's acapella group, where students' love for singing and performing get a chance to shine. Members are challenged to step out of their comfort zones and sing heartily in preparation for events such as Teacher's Day and Christmas Celebrations. Anyone can join, even if you don't have any musical background!

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