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ACE - Calvary Community Centre

In C3 ACE, we work with secondary school students who are facing difficulty academically or socially. On our end, we try to develop some of their skills in these areas be it study techniques or interaction skills. There are times we just lend them our listening ear as an elder sibling. We work closely with the organization C3, and help to coordinate events for the students.

In 2020 amidst the pandemic, we created special online modules for the secondary school students. With the aid of interactive online tools such as Kahoot, Mentimeter and Youtube videos, different teams developed in total seven modules on how the seven factors - peer, community, money, family, identity, skill and education - can help us build resilience.

Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

Members of the Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan CAS, through the spirit of service, volunteer at the AMK hospital to care for the elderly that reside there. Through conversation, participation in numerous activities and aid in daily tasks around the hospital, we hope to raise their spirits. Due to the pandemic, we have shifted online to cater to the patients. We plan and conduct fun activities on zoom that vary daily ranging from karaoke, workouts to percussion classes. Although it does prove more challenging to engage with the elderly remotely, through our many interactions from our respective computer screens, we are able to still show that we care for them, albeit not in person.

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Beacon is an ad hoc CAS that mainly conducts activities under the service strand. These are a list of events we run on regular basis.

  • Riding for the Disabled (RDA): Weekly volunteering sessions to help children with disabilities ride horses for therapy

  • Love Kuching, a community based cat-rescue group: Trained to take care of cats being treated at this cattery

  • Termly Bake Sale in school to raise funds for our chosen organisation

  • SPCA: Flag day

However, due to the pandemic, we were unable to volunteer with the organisations directly. As such, we were unfortunately only able to carry out the termly Bake Sales. Aside from this, some of our members also took part in a Plogwalk held by Habitat for Humanity where we picked up litter together with other fellow Singaporeans through a Zoom call.


BLOODay is an ad-hoc service CAS concerned with raising awareness about the need for blood donations and providing opportunities for the SJI community to donate blood. On average, two blood donation drives are carried out each year in collaboration with Red Cross Singapore.

Owing to the pandemic and Singapore’s circuit breaker period, BLOODay only hosted one blood drive in 2020, which followed strict social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of all donors. In spite of this, the 2020 SJI Blood Donation Drive had an even greater number of donors than in 2019, making it a considerable success.

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Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth is dedicated to giving back to the community. It offers many opportunities to serve, including programmes such as Mobile Shortcuts (equipping the elderly with technological skills) and Lasallian Day Out (bringing the less privileged students from the Lasallian Primary Schools and Mentoring out for a day of fun). Our main programme is Lasallian Mentoring, where members coach Primary 1-6 mentees in English and Mathematics, as well as help with their homework or revision. In addition, we provide them with guidance, moral support and care. Mentoring sessions were initially held at Toa Payoh East CC on Saturday mornings, however due to social distancing regulations in 2020, we made the switch to Zoom using breakout rooms for one-to-one interaction with the children. While mentoring can be challenging at times, it is rewarding to have the opportunity to bond with the children. We hope that you will consider joining us!

Paper Bridges

Newly-formed in 2020, Paper Bridges aims to support vulnerable youths in our local and international community. We do so primarily through the simple yet meaningful activity of letter-writing. Our team consists of ad-hoc volunteers who pen and translate thoughtful, handwritten letters and core, long-term members who specialise in 4 unique committees: Education, Outreach, Administration and Logistics. Creating learning support materials for children who face learning difficulties and establishing meaningful connections with youths from various countries are among our exciting plans for 2021 and beyond. Visit our parent organisation's website at

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PRISM is a club with a strong focus on social enterprise. It was formed in 2015 by seven founding student members who had the desire of harnessing entrepreneurship to raise capital to benefit the community. Today, the club has over 60 members all of whom are either involved in entrepreneurship competitions or implementing innovative fund raising events for selected voluntary welfare organisations.

In all the competitions, members learn business strategies and have the rare opportunity to interact with market leaders. Over the years, members have achieved numerous accolades. For example, we were first runner up in the Raffles Business Symposium and were given the Distinction Award & Most Innovative Award.

Members also organized large-scale fundraising events from the ground-up, pushing their logistical, administrative and creative abilities. In 2020, members launched an innovative online charity cooking show - Cook.Give.Heart, in collaboration with celebrity chef Ms Violet Oon for Make-A-Wish Foundation SG under Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes 2020 competition.

Amidst the pandemic in 2020, many groups took the initiative to start their own social projects, such as advocating for online charity runs and creating fundraisers for migrant workers.

Silver Friends

Silver Friends's primary aim is to cater to the elderly by lifting their spirits up. Partnering with Saint Andrew's Care Home we planned a variety of projects throughout 2020. We started out with Project Enliven, a two-part project to enrich the lives of the elderly who were stuck in their care homes due to COVID-19. Our members leveraged on the Zoom platform and pre-recorded simple exercises and dance videos to local folk songs like Rasa Sayang. For National Day, we folded paper hearts and wrote heartfelt messages to the elderly to cheer them up. Lastly, we celebrated the festive Christmas season by filming videos of Singapore attractions to bring the elderly on a local virtual tour. This project provided us with a chance to take the elderly down memory lane as we compared some of these attractions with how they appeared in the past.

Through all our effort, we hope the crucial values of teamwork, service before self and empathy are inculcated in members who will live by the school mission of being men and women for others.

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Team Nila has over a hundered active and passionate members in 2020. Team Nila embodies both the service and activity strands in the many events that are mostly organized by ActiveSG and Team Nila. Members end up volunteering in sporting activities. As most of these opportunities require students to be physically present at a venue to help out, such as the Rugby 7s, many of them planned for 2020 were derailed due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Despite facing difficulties conducting our usual activities aimed at helping the community through sports online, we still tried to make the best out of our situation with our cooperative and enthusiastic members. A few of the online activities include mass workouts and even a full programme lasting a few weeks of training where students interacted with seniors from the Fei Yue Community Centre through breakout sessions on a massive zoom call.

Ulu Pandan STAR Tuition

Ulu Pandan STAR Tuition sees Years 5-6 students tutoring children from underserved families and trying to help them excel in their studies. Each member is assigned 1 student between Primary and Upper Secondary level to mentor and be responsible for tutoring them on subjects that they require help in.

This year due to COVID-19 and its restrictions, we moved from the face-to-face tuition to online one-to-one lessons through Zoom. We also held an online sharing session where our members came together to discuss our experiences when tutoring our students. We then learn better strategies from each other that could improve our teaching methods.

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YoungXHush is a Creativity and Service CAS with the aims of championing mental health through the use of sign language. In line with our mother organization, Hush TeaBar, we aim to provide a safe and silent space here in SJI, organising fortnightly CAS sessions where we discuss topics pertaining to mental health as well as learn basic sign language.

During the pandemic, we continued to hold sessions over Zoom, engaging with Hush Tea Bar when possible to learn more about our cause. In this time, we also planned and organized events to raise awareness of mental health, especially in a school setting.