Direct School Admission to SJI (Secondary)

SJI invites Primary 6 boys to apply for our O-Level Programme (OP) or Integrated Programme (IP) in the following categories and talent areas:

  1. Music (Performing Arts) - IP only

  2. Visual Arts, Design and Media

  3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  4. Leadership and Uniformed Groups

  5. Sports and Games

Music (Performing Arts)

Music DSA 2020

Visual Arts, Design and Media

Visual Arts DSA 2020

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Leadership and Uniformed Groups

DSA Leadership Slides

Sports and Games

Badminton | Canoeing | Football | Rugby | Sailing | Table-Tennis | Tennis | Track & Field

SJI Badminton
SJI Canoeing
SJI Football
SJI Rugby
SJI Table Tennis
SJI Tennis
SJI Athletics

How to Apply

  1. Please read the details and submission requirements for the DSA application on our website:

  1. For more information, you may also refer to the MOE press release issued on 11 May 2020: