Transforming Lives

At SJI, we focus on nurturing Josephians to learn how to learn and to learn how to live, so that they can be empowered to grow into persons of integrity and persons for others. We operate based on the values of Faith as our foundation, Service as our way, and Community as our support.

Hence, our academic and student development curricula focus on providing a balanced and holistic education with a strong emphasis on character formation and leadership development. We aspire our students to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions that will prepare them well for post-secondary education and the future but also to be able to live a meaningful life driven by passion in the service for others.

Outcome of an SJI Education:
The Josephian Profile

Josephian Formation Journey

The Josephian Formation Journey is the means through which our teachers accompany our students in their growth as a Josephian. The framework of the Josephian Formation Journey takes reference from that of the MOE Character and Citizenship Education curriculum. Lessons in the Josephian Formation Journey curriculum falls into three themes – Identity, Choices and Relationship.

The Identity lessons assist our students to develop their personhood – self-awareness, self-management, discovering aspirations.

The Choices lessons develop the personhood of our students to be one of responsibility and good moral standing. Through the Choices lessons, our students learn skills of reflectiveness so as to be able to exercise responsible and moral choices and thereby grow to become principled people. Through these lessons, they also learn goal-setting skills to support them to direct their growth and educational aspirations and thus be driven by faith and driven by passion.

As our students do not live in a vacuum but in community with others, the Relationship lessons develop them to become persons for others. They develop social awareness, civic-consciousness and relationship management. Thus, they become people-centred individuals who are also community-builders.


Five Josephians share what it means to be a Josephian and how SJI has transformed their lives through the Josephian Formation Journey.

Father & Son

In this father-and-son dialogue, Mr Teo speaks to Brandon who is currently in Year 3 and how he has witnessed his growth and transformation in the past few years.

Special thanks to Mr Teo and Brandon who produced this video.

Faith Formation

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Our Faith

As a Catholic school of choice, students and staff experience God in their daily encounters at school. From our daily morning prayers held in our holy sanctuary, the Chapel, to our celebrated masses at the start of major school events such as Founder’s Day, these faith experiences nurture our hearts, minds and soul. There are also quiet, reflective experiences such as our retreats, and physical spaces like the labyrinth and the sitting water features, to allow for quiet time with God amidst the business of our lives.

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Our Service

We believe in nurturing men and women for others through many planned service experiences throughout the year. It is also our Catholic teachings that lie at the heart of our reflection sessions before, during and after the service experiences that allow us to nurture hearts that care for the last, the lost and the least. Our annual Lent Project, for instance, rallies the whole school to come together for various outreach initiatives in the spirit of rediscovering the true calling of Christ.

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Our Community

Our Josephians grow in their faith journey through the Josephian Formation Journey. We celebrate their growth and mark their significant milestones through paraliturgies. Through song, prayer, scripture and reflective conversations, these activities allow them to take stock of what they have achieved, and to consider the possibilities that lie before them as Josephians.

Xavier Pan (Year 4)

Did you know that SJI has an online prayer channel on YouTube where Josephians can come together to pray every morning? Thanks to a tech-savvy Year 4 Josephian - Xavier Pan, who initiated this idea of conducting online morning prayers for the SJI Catholic community during the pandemic. This idea was conceived at a time when Home-Based Learning began last year. He rallied his friends to chip in and soon they began preparing and recording their daily prayer videos for streaming.

Join us in our online prayers at

A story of faith produced by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore in celebration of Catholic200SG, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church's presence in Singapore.

Ethan Goh (Year 6)

“In every Catholic school, there is always someone to be with you in your time of need.” – Ethan Goh

Ethan went through several ups and downs before finding his way back to God. For him, it was the people in school that helped him rediscover his faith.

A story of faith produced by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore in celebration of Catholic200SG, to mark the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church's presence in Singapore.

Special thanks to Saint Max, who produced this video, as part of the education series for the Catholic Education Conference on 15 March 2021.

Natalie Chong (Year 6)

Natalie, a cradle Catholic, shares how having a regular prayer life in SJI has grounded her faith. Read her story here.

Special thanks to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore in celebration of Catholic200SG.

Two alumni - Mr George Yeo (Class of 1972) and Fr Adrian Danker, SJ (Class of 1981) share their thoughts about being educated in a Catholic school, and how SJI's motto - Ora et Labora (which means pray & work) have impacted their lives.

Video by Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS)